Conversations with Harvey

Conversations with Harvey

3 Seasons

Conversations with Harvey the extraterrestrial, all recorded live. Harvey explains his group's viewpoint on the extraterrestrial presence, and humanity's dilemma.

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Conversations with Harvey
  • Yeme, Kahmia, and Periwinkle (the ET)

    Episode 1

    A real interaction wiith Yeme JeaneƩ, Kahmia Dunson, and Periwinkle the extraterrestrial.

  • Conversations with Harvey the ET: The Plan

    Episode 2

    This is Episode 12 of Conversations with Harvey the ET. This episode is being released on YouTube as well as because of the importance of the message. This is the ET plan to rescue humanity. Finally, we see the full picture.

    Farsight's Web Site:
    Farsight's S...

  • Harvey, Aziz, and Courtney: Episode 11

    Episode 3

    A real interaction wiith Aziz Brown, Courtney Brown, and Harvey the extraterrestrial.

  • Aziz and Harvey: Episode 10

    Episode 4

    A real interaction wiith Aziz Brown and Harvey the extraterrestrial.