Farsight Intelligence Briefing

Farsight Intelligence Briefing

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This briefing is styled after an intelligence briefing that a president or prime minister would get from a nation's intelligence services. But this briefing is better, and for everyone. The deepest of the deep. Brought to you live at Farsight.

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Farsight Intelligence Briefing
  • ASSASSINATIONS! Farsight Intelligence Briefing - February 2024

    Episode 1

    This intelligence briefing is a necessary introduction to remote-viewing results that Farsight will present in March 2024. Dr. Brown outlines the historical development of assassinations as a element of government.

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  • What Comes Next? Farsight Intelligence Briefing - January 2024

    Episode 2

    Dr. Courtney Brown explains the steps that will occur in the disclosure process during the year 2024, and the possibility of a Cold War turning into a Hot War among the ETs.

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