Time Cross Show: Farsight

Time Cross Show: Farsight

3 Seasons

This is the Time-Cross show that investigates anomalies using remote viewing.

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Time Cross Show: Farsight
  • The "Miracle" of Fátima

    Episode 1

    The "miracle" of Fátima, Portugal that happened in 1917. You see, there were three shepherd childrean in Fátima, two girls and a boy, all related, Lúcia dos Santos as well as Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Around May, the Spring of 1917, they went out to tend their sheep, and when they returned ho...

  • The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

    Episode 2

    Chaco Canyon is a park in northwest New Mexico that archaeologists seem convinced was a grand effort to build an elaborate civilization in an otherwise barren environment. However, remote viewers at Farsight have discovered more to the environment around Chaco Canyon at the time in which it was m...